1. Train ride. SF to NYC.

    Train ride. SF to NYC.

  2. June 20, 2014

    Seattle, WA

    Traveling with Andy Pollack under the auspices of our FUNLAND project. As we move up north and hit the mark (Seattle) there is a lessening of the natural rhythm found in both our lives in San Francisco. We are each in our own way, slowly learning to relax. The mountains are larger then I have seen in quite some time- in Washington the scope of most everything seems larger- the trees and the trucks and yes, some of the arms and bellies of the passersby. It is mystical for me, having fantasized since my first Pearl Jam listen about this landscape. This is my very first time this far north and I dare say I am beginning to feel almost American. Saturday we drop into Olympia, WA and in the in betweens I cannot help but think of Kurt Cobain. It’s a strange phenomenon to return to your hero’s hometowns and attempt to suss out for myself where the inspiration comes from. For me, right now- these are easy miles with a gentle man twenty years my senior who refuses to let me drive.

  3. NYC. 2013

    NYC. 2013

  4. Listen/purchase: Paper Cuts by DB Leonard

  5. Listen/download: by DB Leonard

  6. Tatiana and Marisa (and Chris). Dolores Park and behind the scenes. SF. 94110

  7. To be held captive by amateurs- with their braces and Bubble Yum
    to see the Master again a Virgin, a grandmother with stage fright
    the surgeon with none of his nurses to turn the page

    These are lion cubs at their first kill    
    it’s a Sunday afternoon softball game without the Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Until the postman hits the aria straight out of the park holding each note longer and straighter than anybody expected
    Take pity on the philharmonic
    who’ve grown accustomed to the stage

    I much prefer to hold a thin piece of paper up against the wind
    that should break but does not than a diamond that never will no matter how hard you throw it against the wall.

  8. Cabuya. Costa Rica.

  9. SHOT by Pete Hopkins. Valencia Street Review. SF. 94110

    SHOT by Pete Hopkins. Valencia Street Review. SF. 94110

  10. SHOT by Pete Hopkins. Valencia Street. SF 94110

  11. Amos Gregory. Veteran’s Mural Project. Tenderloin District. SF.

  12. Tend to the travelers
    who hide their shoes
    in the crook of their necks
    so that when the thieves come
    this time
    they might be able to look them in the eye

    Tend to the travelers
    who carry their weight in plastic bags
    long having abandoned any more than was necessary
    study their faces
    for they hold university degrees
    in the art of the elements

    they have learned well
    how to melt in the rain
    They are the few with little choice
    but to leave their doors wide open
    to the deepest places in their hearts
    that still do beat, despite popular opinion

    who are no longer afraid
    of footsteps near their faces
    walking over their dreams
    because nobody
    can take anything else away

    Tend to the travelers
    with the courage to ask for favors
    who have learned that blessings
    can still be counted
    in paper cups.

  13. Dreaming Spires. 2010 @ The Colony Cafe, Woodstock, NY 12498.



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