Tend to the travelers

Tend to the travelers
who hide their shoes
in the crook of their necks
so that when the thieves come
this time
they might be able to look them in the eye

Tend to the travelers
who carry their weight in plastic bags
long having abandoned any more than was necessary
study their faces
for they hold university degrees
in the art of the elements

they have learned well
how to melt in the rain
They are the few with little choice
but to leave their doors wide open
to the deepest places in their hearts
that still do beat, despite popular opinion

who are no longer afraid
of footsteps near their faces
walking over their dreams
because nobody
can take anything else away

Tend to the travelers
with the courage to ask for favors
who have learned that blessings
can still be counted
in paper cups.


I heard myself laugh
like you today
Don’t worry, I didn’t replace my own
just seemed to add yours to my vocabulary

A short burst of air
accompanied by a sigh of a sound
an exclamation mark to an unexpected happening
it’s not something that I planned

or even tried to do
I’m pretty sure laughter stands in the same line
as all the other things out of our control
(try as we might)

An act that happens to remind us
of the presence of our heart
and in this case to remind me
of the presence of you.


Grown men stare because she is beautiful
boys stop, with or without their parents’ consent
because she has painted herself blue

everybody waits for her to move
for her lips to tremble, her breasts to rise    
so her lungs can take in air

nobody believes that she remains a statue
her quiet has stretched beyond her skin
her mission accomplished

She has penetrated the swirl of Grand Central Station
with her silence
made me question my rush, my reasons for being

on time
we’re all jealous of her will
of her courage to sit motionless in front of strangers

I don’t need to see her breasts rise (or fall)
to know that she breathes secretly
air sweeter than the stuff I inhale

I know that her heart beats like a fire
just like all the hearts
in every statue.

First impression

I like the way she strays
from a lion to a lamb
because it is clear
that she can both coo and roar
thinking all the while
and I like the way she keeps me up at night
with her words
and how she pays mine
and I like how she’s open like a freeway
even though I know that
that’s where the worst accidents
go down